Multiblade Granite Segment

Multiblade Granite Segment

  1. Segment Application: granite block cutting or sawing, cutting block to slabs;
  2. Applicable Machines : multiblade bridge block saw or multiblade four-column block saw;
  3. Segments Structure:  sandwich segments and multi-layer segments available;
  4. Product Features:  excellent sharpness and good segment life for soft to hard granite;
  5. Available Specifications: For diameter 600-2200/2500 multiblade or
    For diameter 900~1600mm multiblade;


1.Ensure block with average thickness
2.Low noise with smooth cutting
3.Save energy on powder and stone
Item No.
Diameter (mm)
Steel Core Thickness(mm)
Segment  Dimension (mm)
Segment  No.
SGS-MG1 1 5.0 24×7.0/6.0×13(15) 70
SGS-MG1200 1200 5.5 24×7.5/6.5×13(15) 80
SGS-MG1400 1400 6.5 24×8.4/7.6×13(15) 92
SGS-MG1600 1600 7.2 24×9.2/8.4×13(15) 108
Other specifications on request available


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