Multiblade Basalt Segment

Multiblade Basalt Segment

  1. Segment Application: basalt block cutting or sawing, cutting block to slabs
  2. Applicable Machines : single blade bridge block cutter or gantry block cutter
  3. Segments Structure:  sandwich segments and multi-layer segments available
  4. Product Features:  excellent sharpness and good segment life for soft to hard granite
  5. Available Specifications: diamond segments for diameter 250-3200mm saw blade


1.Ensure block with average thickness
2.Low noise with smooth cutting
3.Save energy on powder and stone
Item No. Diameter (mm) Steel Core Thickness(mm) Segment Dimension (mm) Segment No.
SGS-MG1000 1000 5.0 24×7.0/6.0×13(15) 70
SGS-MG1200 1200 5.5 24×7.5/6.5×13(15) 80
SGS-MG1400 1400 6.5 24×8.4/7.6×13(15) 92
SGS-MG1600 1600 7.2 24×9.2/8.4×13(15) 108
Other specifications on request available.


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